It’s not just about the work place, it’s not just about the life place. It’s about both.

Executive Candidate Placement

Accomplished executives who recognize the importance of both the workplace and the life place look to JSpire. JSpire does more than just find you your next job. Inspired by your dreams, JSpire meets your needs for both the work and the life you want. Our network of companies and contacts runs deep and our relationships with top leaders can be your relationships. Whether you’re actively searching for your next move, or you are willing to listen, JSpire is the firm worth listening to. Worth your time. Consider what a LifeWork Solution could mean for you. The city you love, the place you call home, great schools for your kids, lifestyle activities for free time. Go ahead, picture it. JSpire will deliver.

Client Company Executive Search

Isn’t it great to work with people who want to work with you? People who are committed to your city, who call it home? It’s not just great. It’s more productive, more stable and more profitable. When your company is in growth mode, it allows you to open up doors for promotions and even generate new positions. And as your executives retire or move into higher roles, you’ll have the opportunity to fill those vacancies. JSpire can help you find the LifeWork Solution—the ideal executive who loves the job, loves the company, loves the city and… loves life. Our LifeWork Solution provides you with candidates who are inspired and have the big picture in mind. The best part is, you’re a part of that picture. We’ll find the candidate you’re seeking and it will be a solution provided by JSpire.

Executive Resume Composition

If you are looking to enhance your resume or tailor it to a specific position, JSpire will work with you to communicate your skills, knowledge and value proposition. Our experience and intellect of the industry will capture your target audience and deliver a message of what makes YOU different. Let us show your story, not just tell it.

LinkedIn Profile Refresh

JSpire will customize and design a professional LinkedIn Profile that will attract a targeted audience in your profession with an appeal. Our team of Social Media Specialists will take the time to understand what has made you successful throughout your career and create a message and image that reflects who you are! Let us help you create your professional look.

Executive Career Transition

Whether you are actively searching for a new opportunity, transitioning to a higher role or in need of one-on-one coaching, JSpire has the solution for you. Allow us to develop a customized plan specific to your needs with our services. JSpire will provide you with the tools and resources needed to refine your interviewing skills.

Career Opportunities


Vice President, Technology

Portsmouth, NH


Senior Vice President/Chief Operations Officer

Burnsville, MN


Chief Financial Officer

Austin, TX


Accounting Manager

Marlborough, MA


Vice President, Risk Management

Portsmouth, NH


Vice President of Sales

Burlington, MA


Vice President of Finance and Corporate Strategy

Eureka, CA


Assistant Vice President, Human Resources

Burlington, MA


Credit Card Program Manager

Marlborough, MA


Chief Information Officer

Bakersfield, CA



Life and work. At the executive level, can you ever separate the two?

About JSpire

You know that answer. You’ll inspire us and JSpire will create that perfect LifeWork Solution™ for you. Candidates, JSpire gets to know your wants and needs so your workplace and your life place are everything you ever wanted. Employers, our candidates are interested in your position, because they want to work for your company—it’s in their dream city or their hometown—where they want to be. It’s not just about the job. It’s not just about the location. It’s about the LifeWork Solution. People blossom. Companies flourish. Life can be better than good.


About the Founder

Our founder, Janice Shisler is a true recruitment professional with more than two decades of experience in Human Resources and Executive Recruitment placement. From HealthCare to Financial Services she thrives on the fast-paced world of advising client companies and candidates with her personal and exclusive LifeWork Solution™. After years of being inspired by the life, dreams and realities of people behind the resumes, creating JSpire just made sense. It was time to take her process for connecting people with a life they love, doing work they love and put the LifeWork Solution into full effect. Today, Janice and her team bring you the JSpire and LifeWork Solution that leads to fulfilled executives and achieving employers. That’s JSpire.


  • “We turned to JSpire Recruiting for our General Manager search based on a recommendation from a colleague with a local credit union. We had begun our search in-house but we're pretty disappointed with our applicants and results. Our Board decided to retain your company and were immediately impressed with your knowledge, experience, and pleasant nature. Once Janice started our search, we were even more impressed with the results. I think through your network, outreach and advertising you ended up with almost triple the amount of applicants we had received. The process you laid out was also very detailed and logical. You kept us informed along the way. Not having used an executive search firm in the past, I also found this very reassuring that you had a plan and a way forward. When we got to the four finalists to interview, again we felt you found us some excellent candidates to consider.”

    Jim Bruce, General Manager
    Hardin County Water District No. 1

  • "We recently had the pleasure of working with Janice Shisler and her company, JSpire Recruiting. It was refreshing to work collaboratively with Janice on the exact parameters of our recruiting needs and not get the “this is how we do it” line. She customized her abilities with our needs to create a fantastic product for our C-level search. She also coordinated the upgrades our Chief level LinkedIn profiles, which helped us attract the “right” candidate for the opening we had."

    Bill Partin, President/CEO
    Sharonview Federal Credit Union

  • “Janice and her team at JSpire helped me create a much better “brand” for my LinkedIn profile and resume by not only carefully reviewing my background, but also learning about my core values and mission. The result was a more succinct and accurate brand that helped me find the right match for my career goals.”

  • "Janice and her team were wonderful to work with. Her needs assessment process is fantastic. After an interview to identify my goals, she was able to rebuild my resume and CV into professional documents that aligned my future goals with my past experience. JSpire's net promoter score is a 10 from my perspective."

  • “Want a complete makeover for your LinkedIn profile, contact JSpire! I recently have had a pleasure to work with Janice and her team on my LinkedIn profile. She is simply a brilliant writer and social media expert. Her excellent work really does speak for itself. She knows how to attract and build the right audience for your LinkedIn profile. Janice is knowledgeable, responsive and thorough. She and her talented team will leave you speechless but in the best way possible!”

  • "Janice was pivotal in helping me integrate my experience and personality into my profile and resume. Thank you for taking the time to help me discover my brand!"

  • "As a business executive, I realize the importance of branding. In an effort to optimize my own personal brand while pragmatically seeking new opportunities within the marketplace, I had the good fortune of partnering with JSpire. Janice Shisler and her team were able to not only effectively highlight my experiences but also my personality and intrinsic motivations all within a visually appealing LinkedIn profile. I could not be more pleased."

  • “Janice takes time to build relationships with candidates to ensure there is a clear understanding of their needs. Janice will work diligently to find the right person for the right job. She takes time to build relationships with the prospective candidates to ensure that when a placement is made, it is a great fit for both the company and the candidate. If you want a phenomenal recruiting experience, I highly recommend JSpire Recruiting and Janice Shisler.”

  • "I have had the unique pleasure working with Janice Shisler on more then one occasion.  Janice has the special ability to uncover strengths and goals from a candidate to better determine which opportunity is aligned for the success of both the potential candidate and the company.  Janice connects in a personal way and stays in close contact with her clients throughout the process.   Anyone who hires Janice or her firm will be thrilled with the outcome."

  • “I highly recommend JSpire Recruiting for anyone making a career transition. Janice and her team were very responsive to my needs and very professional in every aspect – from helping me rebuild my resume to helping me create a dynamic and professional social media profile. JSpire really works for your best interest!”

  • “I have had the great pleasure of working with Janice on several projects over the years.  With each engagement Janice and the JSpire team deliver a first class product.  Recently, the team completed a refresh of my professional resume and LinkedIn profile.  I was blown away with the personal touch and commitment to help better position my brand.  I highly recommend Janice and the JSpire team to anyone looking to differentiate themselves from the pack.  You will not be disappointed.”

  • “JSpire is truly an Executive Resume Writer extraordinaire with a very personal touch.  Putting an executive resume can be very difficult and JSpire exceeded all my expectations by making the process very easy.  My updated resume has received outstanding feedback from recruiters and other executives.  I would highly recommend the services of JSpire if you want to bring your resume to the next level.”

  • "When I was seeking to improve my resume, I reached out to JSpire Recruiting. I knew they would listen to my suggestions, understand my goals, and highlight my skillset as a candidate. My resume was out of date and I needed an expert to effectively communicate my experience to prospective employers.  I wanted my resume to look appealing and "stand out" to other resumes. JSpire effectively captured my strengths, track record and experience. I am confident that when someone reads my resume, I'll be called for an interview."

  • “The team at JSpire asked penetrating questions about my background and experience in order to reflect the success I have created over the years as a leader. From the gathering of information stage, to the continuous follow up, JSpire added the “sizzle” to my resume. The end product was just what I was looking for and without question, I turned to the team to do a complete overhaul of my LinkedIn profile. I am very satisfied with the quality of their services, now I have a LinkedIn profile that reflects my personal brand.”


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